• August 1, 2021

The 10 Commandments of the Modern Salesperson to Succeed

10 Commandments

Following 10 commandments or sales tips helps salespeople who want to have a little more inspiration or assertiveness in their day-to-day work.

After all, let’s face it. The ever more constant advancement of technology has made customers more and more demanding.

And this means that, more than adopting 10 salesman commandments, the sales team is constantly updated.

And also that it is always aligned in speech and practice with what is necessary to delight the customer in the modern world.

There is, in reality, no formula for success to be a good salesperson – and that doesn’t depend on the segment in which you operate.

The 10 commandments serve as a guide, but they can be seen as basic requirements for letting your day-to-day sales work be optimized.

However, for this to make sense, it is necessary to understand that the power to sell more and better is within each person.

By understanding and believing this, the seller will be empowered. You will have a lot more self-confidence and this will be reflected in the speech to the client.

And he will fix it, believe me. Below are 10 commandments of the seller to succeed every day.

Do you know what they are? Good reading!

Check out the 10 Commandments of the Successful Salesperson in the Modern World

Provide the best experience possible. Always leave the customer satisfied and generate value for him/her from the first contact.

That’s what all companies and all salespeople need to do. Ever. After all, if you don’t do it, the competition will definitely do it.

For this not to happen, we have separated 10 commandments for all salespeople who want to delight their customers all the time.

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1 – You will be disciplined

“The only place success comes before work is in the dictionary.”

You’ve probably heard this phrase, correct? As cliché as it may sound, it is, yes, quite true. It takes discipline in the sales routine to be a successful salesperson.

Day-to-day attitudes make the difference between those who reach and go beyond their goals and those who stagnate and fall by the wayside.

That is why it is crucial, for example, to follow the sales playbook . With it, you always have a speech and practice aligned with the company’s values ​​and also with the market’s needs.

It lets you know how many calls you need to make in the day and how long they need to last to be relevant. You also don’t forget to follow up .

Along with your CRM Online , you will never miss an opportunity for lack of action. With automated actions within the sales system , you will always be in contact with the customer.

Discipline yourself to be assertive every day, and the sales process will inevitably be streamlined.

2 – You will always be improving

One of the 10 most important commandments for the modern salesperson is, without a doubt, the need to always be improving.

Books like Predictable Revenue from Aaron Ross are excellent means to gain knowledge on how to make sales management today.

Sales coaching can also be a solution for those who want to improve day-to-day practices in the industry. Another important factor for companies is to apply the so-called agile methodology .

This can be either by sector or for the entire company. But we’re talking about sales, and that’s why using this method is efficient for the constant sharing of best practices and problem solving.

Did you use a type of email that got good feedback from the customer? Did you use a specific strategy to get around a customer objection?

Then it’s time to share what’s been done, register and let everyone access the feedback meeting . In this the importance of a playbook for sales that is always up to date grows again.

Speaking of playbook, do you know how the content in this document helps the seller to be better?


3 – You will be self-confident

It is essential for any sales team to have confidence in the work they do. Be confident in the speech you adopt, in the approach and also in the way you handle objections.

The truth is, self-confidence is a daily and lasting construction. It is a reflection of past successes.

However, more than having achieved good results before, it is crucial to understand how they happened. Having mastered this, it is easier to have confidence in yourself.

After all, you will have found a formula that, if it is not the one for success, is the one that gives you the security to sell better.

And working in a way that makes you secure is ideal for having the patience and wisdom to hit goals.

4 – You will have faith

Believing in what you sell is essential to always being truthful with the prospect . This is necessary for building self-confidence – mentioned above.

But, for this, it is first necessary to know well that product and/or service that your company offers to the market.

Study them well, know how to identify their differences and their defections and believe in the power that words have. This way, it will be easier to develop your sales pitch.

You will speak properly and truthfully, always being honest about what you are selling. This will definitely positively impact the customer.

5 – You will positively mentalize

Always think of “yes”. Always envision success before, during and after your sales pitch with the customer.

You’ve studied what you sell well, you know what and when you need to talk, and you understand that you need to create an emotional connection with the customer.

You have all the elements to close the sale and you are self-confident. Positively mentalizing is essential to letting all the knowledge and self-confidence that you have within you flow.

This is one of the 10 most important commandments. After all, without positive attitudes, it is difficult to achieve good results in life.

To be inspired by this mission, how about some motivational phrases ?

6 – You will be persistent

Here, it’s not about being inconvenient or pushy in a bad way. If the seller encounters some barriers, you need to understand them and know how to get around them.

It’s not uncommon to encounter objections from potential customers – and this can happen for a variety of reasons.

Either because he is not sure how the solution you sell works (that’s why the pre-sale needs to qualify the lead), or because he doesn’t have financial conditions at the moment. It does not matter.

It is necessary to generate value so that the customer feels confident and understands how it makes sense for them to buy what you sell.

You may need more contact with these prospects, but when that happens, be prepared.

Have rich materials or other content – blog posts , YouTube videos – that educate and empower the customer to buy. That’s being persistent in a positive way.

If the problem is financial, show how your solution might make sense to the customer in the long run and then ask them to get in touch a few months later.

Once that’s done, within a good CRM you freeze the opportunity and set up an alert. That way, when it comes time to get back in touch, you don’t forget to act.

7 – You will hear more than you will say

Listening more than talking is critical for two things. First: make the customer feel free to share what they need and make sure you understand them.

People like to be heard. Second, you, by understanding the pains the prospect has, will be able to identify exactly the strategy and approach to closing the sale.

That said, whenever the seller speaks, they need to add value. For Pain X, show the Y functionality of the solution you sell.

For every problem the customer has, explain didactically how what you sell acts directly on the root of the issue.

8 – You will act with creativity

There are several ways to communicate the same thing. Making associations can be both a creative and fun way to get the message you want – especially in complex sales.

The important thing is to get the message you need as didactic as possible.

After all, not all people have the same degree of maturity regarding their product or service, or even regarding the segment in which they operate.

It is crucial to have a standard speech, yes, not to run away from the company’s values ​​or what needs to be said. Knowing how to adapt to the customer who is on the other end of the line is to act creatively.

Be fun.

The customer will understand and appreciate it.

9 – You will be careful and have a good memory

Being creative is important, yes, but it needs to take place within certain limits. After all, not all people have the same understanding of situations.

But, you need to take other types of care as well – and for that you need to have a good memory and be aware of some sales metrics .

Few things irritate a customer more than having to go through the same steps all over again.

It’s critical to have this prospect’s entire buying journey registered in one place, as well as a well-structured sales funnel .

In a spreadsheet, can you know what content it consumed? It is necessary to understand the current level of maturity he has and already understand, if not all, part of the pains he has as an entrepreneur.

Hence, it is important to use a CRM software . It is possible to have all the lead actions mapped and this will positively impact the sales cycle of the company where you work.

10 – You will delight the customer

Last but not least within the 10 commandments is customer delight.

Having a good memory is, in fact, halfway there to be able to enchant all the people who showed interest in what you sell.

But, nothing will delight more than making it clear that the company’s number 1 goal is customer success .

If you can express the passion you have for what you sell, it will definitely have an immensely positive impact.

As a matter of fact, delighted customers, more than staying in the company and carrying out the so-called upsell , become brand evangelizers.

They will recommend the company to others and this will positively impact the CAC and LTV of any business.

And that, without a doubt, is everything any company wants, isn’t it?

We hope that with these 10 commandments of the modern salesperson, you can boost your sales and improve your knowledge even more.

So, how can we help you?

If you have any more commandments you follow that you want to share with us, talk to a consultant today.

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Good sales!