• August 1, 2021
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Sales welcome email: 5 ready-to-use templates

Ready-made templates with welcome email

A sales welcome email is a special time. Without a doubt, it is one of the best messages to send.

After all, the potential customer made his decision. He finally said “yes” to his offer. And now he is in fact a customer of the company. Excellent!

But, a welcome email doesn’t just have to be when a customer buys your product or service.

There are other times when it is needed. When he downloads rich material from the site. The moment you subscribe to the newsletter.


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Or even when asking for information in the “contact us” section.

In all cases, the person made a commitment to the brand, right? And she wants to feel prestigious and attended to.

Therefore, today’s article is intended to help you and your team. We have some ready-made welcome email templates.

They serve all of these scenarios we’ve described above – plus a few more.

Let’s check it out? Good reading!

Why is the welcome email so important?

Did you know that a welcome email has better numbers than a standard email? Open rates are 4 times higher.

And the click-through rate 5 times! Therefore, it is crucial to ensure that your best approach is taken at this time. This message defines the foundation of your brand.

It will help establish the connection between company and customer (or potential customer). Here, it is worth noting that the welcome email is not the “first impression” about the company.

Without a doubt, the buyer has already related to marketing content. And also with the sales team, of course.

This email is important for another reason. It’s the first communication you make with the customer after he or she changes levels in the relationship.

It’s strange to think that less than 60% of brands send this message. Once they get customers, subscribers, or leads, they simply don’t send the person anything.

And there’s more. On average, welcome email generates up to 320% more revenue than traditional email marketing !

So, there is no way to ignore this strategy. A customer-focused , value-packed email stands out in your inbox.

It guarantees the connection you want and need to have with the customer. All teams need to be aware of this. Not just marketing or sales. The customer success team too.

Deployment – ​​if we’re talking about SaaS sales , for example. Even support if it’s the first ticket the customer opens. Why not? It’s an evolution in the relationship.

Here, of course, take care of the content of the message. After all, he may be facing some difficulties. Anyway, let’s go ahead!

5 ready-made templates with a welcome email for your customer

Although you’ve seen the importance of strategy, you want to see the templates ready soon, right? Therefore, we have separated 5 types of welcome emails.

They will help you and your team during your work routine. They will ensure an even stronger link with consumers.

And they will be extremely valuable to increase customer satisfaction with the brand. Let’s check it out:

1 – The welcome email that comes from a person

You can get 27% more on your one-time click rate when sending a promotional email. Like? When a real person in the company signs.

Especially if it’s a director or the CEO. A personalized welcome email creates an individual shopping feeling. This helps to increase customer trust and loyalty.

See the finished model:

Oops, [CUSTOMER NAME] ! I am [YOUR NAME] , CEO of [COMPANY NAME] and would like to personally thank you for engaging our service.

We created [COMPANY NAME] with the mission of [CITE MISSION AND/OR VALUES] .

I would love to know what you think of the [HIRED SERVICE] and if there is anything we can improve.

If you have any questions, please reply to this email. I’ll be happy to help!

Big hug, [SIGNATURE]

The above model is best used after the customer’s first purchase. Use it after the confirmation email for this purchase.

It’s a good practice to start a warm, personal relationship with the buyer.

2 – The “welcome to the trial” email / schedule appointment

The email when the user starts the trial on a platform is a great opportunity. The potential customer is just exploring the tool.

Then, dose the amount of messages that will be sent to him. You don’t want to make a bad impression. Nor give the idea that if he buys it, he’ll be pestered all the time, okay?

See the finished model:

Hi, [CUSTOMER NAME] , how are you? Welcome to [PRODUCT/SERVICE] .

Your free trial is now on!

What happens next?

Keep an eye on your inbox. We will send tips and strategies to better use the [PRODUCT/SERVICE] .

If you want a personalized demo, make an appointment with our experts. [link to public agenda]

A hug,


This email may include help center content. Videos and/or tutorial texts. Also, start approaching the customer to schedule a demo with the salesperson.

Send this welcome email one day after the automatic email that gives the customer access to the platform.

This message will be followed by others until the end of the trial period. So, send emails that really help and move the customer forward on the journey.

3 – The email with a free gift

Special offers and discounts are effective in encouraging sales. They are also effective in a cross selling strategy.

Your team can offer a simple discount code or other free solution. As long as one or the other complements this customer’s experience.

Giving something unexpected is a good customer loyalty practice.

See the finished model:

Hello, [CUSTOMER NAME] . Thank you for purchasing the [PRODUCT/SERVICE] !

As a thank you, we offer 30% off [SPECIAL OFFER] .

To take advantage of the special offer, copy and paste the code below: [discount code]

Then, go to [CITE SITE/OFFER PAGE] , register and register the code.

Enjoy it is for a limited time.

Big hug,


It is more common to see a discount coupon on B2C. But in B2B sales this also applies.

For example, if your company has a corporate university , this email can work just fine.

Place a discount coupon for a course that will help you in your experience. If you don’t have this university, no problem.

How about offering a coupon for a material that you usually charge? Or even a consultancy.

See what you can do for the customer and offer the incentive.

4 – The thank you email

This welcome email is for website visitors who have become leads. So it can be sent after:

  • filling in contact form;
  • converting to download some rich material;
  • newsletter subscription, etc.

While these emails may sound simple, it’s still an opportunity. Introduce other products or services that encourage the lead to move forward in the buying journey.

See the finished model:

Oops! All right, [CUSTOMER NAME]? Thank you for taking an interest in [CITE CUSTOMER ACTION] !

As promised, here is the link to [CITE THE OFFER]: [link]

If you want to know more about the subject, visit our content area: [link]

There you will see educational content, tutorials and much more about [LEAD’S SUBJECT OF INTEREST].

If you have any questions, please reply to this email.

Big hug,


In case of newsletter subscription, send some specific content from the blog.

That way, he can get a taste of what the marketing team is going to deliver.

5 – The email that seeks feedback

This can be seen as an onboarding email but also as a search for feedback. Here, your team guides you in the right direction after purchase.

While seeking to encourage them, it is necessary to seek insights to better understand the customer’s motivations.

So, marry the useful with the pleasant. Ask questions that will help target future emails. Something that is crucial to increasing customer success with the brand.

See the finished model:


Thank you for joining [COMPANY NAME] . We built the [SERVICE/PRODUCT] on behalf of [STORY BEHIND] .

I would love to know the reasons that attracted you to [PRODUCT/SERVICE] . Your feedback is valuable for us to continue delivering exactly what customers want.

You can reply to this email or simply click and access the questionnaire: [link].

In the next tips, I’ll send some more emails. They will help you get the most out of [PRODUCT/SERVICE] .

These are valuable strategies to help you.

Big hug, [SIGNATURE]

This welcome email can be sent a few weeks after purchase. As long as it doesn’t stack with other emails your team sends.

But be sure to send him. It’s important to get feedback to improve the solution and customer service .

Structure the welcome email within the CRM

The welcome email can and should be structured and sent by the sales CRM. With email templates module and automatic actions , everything is easier.

It is possible to leave the messages configured for use in all types of funnels. Just drag the opportunity from one step to another for the email to be triggered.

So set up all the funnels you and your team need. Have funnel of:

  • marketing (BDR) ;
  • pre-sales (SDR) ;
  • sales (inside sales) ;
  • after-sales (CS) .

This is a way to organize processes. To automate actions. And to ensure that the welcome email will be a tool to build customer loyalty.

So, how can we help you?

If you want to know more about how a CRM will help your business: TALK TO A CONSULTANT .

Enjoy and read two articles that will help your team send more persuasive emails.

The first one brings ready -made sales scripts for every type of process.

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Good sales!