• August 1, 2021

Sales Meeting: 7 Ideas to Make It More Productive

sales meeting

The sales meeting is an extremely important moment to oil company processes and pass on indicators.

But often, this turns out to be a dull moment in your day. And that absolutely cannot be the reality of the company.

So, answer honestly, okay?

When the reminder pops up on your computer saying it’s time for the sales team meeting, you:

  • feel energized and motivated?
  • or do you feel like it’s just another meeting and that it will make you lose time from work?

Sales meetings are great opportunities to go over all the work done and design improvements.

But, we know that this is not always the reality. It may not be your reality today.

We have a problem there…

The sales meeting you attend must necessarily be positive. Productive.

And when she’s approaching, it can’t make you shiver, discourage, or make you roll your eyes.

Therefore, in today’s article we separated some ideas/tips/actions to make this moment more productive. It’s interesting!

Let’s check it out?

Good reading!

Your company’s sales meeting may be unproductive

Any business that wants to increase sales , succeed and grow knows that a sales meeting is extremely important.

However, recent studies show that there is often no internal alignment to make this meeting efficient and effective .

In the survey mentioned above, carried out with professionals in the sales sector from several companies, it was found that:

  • 65% of the people interviewed understand that the meetings prevent them from completing their own work;
  • 71% of people see meetings as unproductive and inefficient.

These are expressive numbers, aren’t they? If you ask internally, chances are you won’t get honest feedback .

Well, then we got into a “beak pool”, no?

While you understand that this is probably the impression your sales team has, you can’t be sure.

So, with that in mind, you shouldn’t follow the same meeting agenda.

It’s not because that makes you, the area manager, comfortable that you should follow, right? It needs to be positive for everyone.

After all, the focus is on continuous improvement of results. And for that to happen, you need people to feel comfortable and well to contribute.

That’s why opening up to new strategies, approaches and ideas can benefit the company as a whole.

What will inevitably improve the routine of meetings and bring insights to the entire business.

This is efficient sales management : it is much more than controlling the sales pipeline .

You need to deal with the people who, during the sales routine , really make it happen.

7 tips on how to improve your sales meeting and make it more productive

But then, how can the sales meeting stop being unproductive (or a hindrance) and turn it into a moment of improvement?

Well, first of all there are some requirements to be met. The basics for any meeting:

  • Have the meeting objectives well defined;
  • Send the agenda to all participants before the meeting takes place;
  • Have a fixed day to hold the sales meeting so that it doesn’t get in the way of your work routine.

These 3 pillars are basic. The sales manager, manager or CEO responsible for leading the meetings needs to be clear about this.

That said, we’ve sorted out the ideas for you to make the moment really productive for everyone involved.

Check out the 7 tips:

1 – Target topics for everyone

sales meeting

On the sales meeting agenda, identify who will lead each topic.

This is important so that each team member is prepared and ready to lead their topic in the discussion.

Therefore, send the agenda at least 24 hours before the meeting takes place. That way, everyone can plan and show up ready to talk about the subject assigned to them.

This measure also aims to speed up the process, providing more detailed information, in addition to keeping the meeting structured and organized.

In addition, it will generate a sense of belonging in people, which is very important for  everyone’s professional engagement .

2 – List the topics in the form of a question

There are those matters that, although not assigned to any command, need to be addressed.

So, the best thing to do, so that the sales meeting remains attractive, is to list each one of them as a question.

This is what recent studies point out: listing topics in the form of questions on the agenda increases everyone’s participation.

After all, this demonstrates that the manager is willing to listen to his team’s opinion. Something very different from simply saying what should be done.

It is the stimulus for everyone to feel involved, important and, consequently, willing to speak.

Besides, of course, making the debate more complete, richer in ideas, with everyone contributing to each question.

This meeting idea, by the way, will help you keep to the schedule.

It is good practice to designate a specific amount of time to spend on each question.

If you find a solution that is consensual within the established period, that topic will be closed and you will move on to the next one.

Now, if this question is taking a long time and you haven’t come up with an answer, then you need to designate another time to just address it.

3 – Start the meeting in a positive way

sales meeting

A Gallup report  on corporate environment done in the USA shows that only 1 in 3 employees fully agreed that they received some recognition or praise over the course of a week of work.

In addition to this, research points to the benefits that a compliment does to the brain.

Why are we talking all this?

To prove how important it is to start a meeting with some positive feedback.

Take a few minutes to praise some number of the month, some sale made, some improvement initiative.

Speak truthfully this time. Do not spare words to say that this was positive and list the benefits.

This will make your sales meeting more positive right from the start. You will have people’s attention and engagement to follow your agenda.

4 – Use visual aids

Visual resources are always interesting to make any information more understandable for everyone.

So take advantage of the rich and diverse reports from your sales CRM and extend them for your team to analyze.

It’s easier to show than just talk.

So for example. Rather than simply discussing the sales funnel, open the pipeline for everyone.

Use a television so everyone can see clearly. And expose the data you think you need, following the script and the other ideas we talked about.

5 – Conduct a brainstorming session

sales meeting

If you’re not brainstorming your meetings, you’re wasting time – and great opportunities.

You can do the following dynamic: bring up a problem you identified in the sales process .

Then propose a debate to get to the source of this defection and possible solutions. Again: everyone must participate.

Count the time and let each collaborator expose their ideas. Let them flow unhindered.

Ask them to write it down freely.

Then ask each person to present what they thought of as an alternative.

The more ideas that come up, the more everyone’s encouragement will be increased. And, before you know it, creative ideas will come up much more fluidly.

Provided, of course, that you make it a habit in every sales meeting you have.

Give your team a leading role. You’ll see how many ideas they have for solving various issues. You just need to give them space and voice to expose.

And let them feel free to share ideas. Explain that the brainstorming moment is about quantity, not quality.

So, don’t be evaluating the ideas as “bad” or “great” when they are presented. This can inhibit the participation of one or more.

The evaluation is for a second moment when the board can decide the directions to be taken, for example.

6 – Encourage the exchange of information

A sales meeting is an excellent opportunity to share ideas and learn from each other.

Then take a moment to share new ideas and reflect on what each person learned that week.

And how this can benefit the collective and/or be applied and contribute to the organizational culture of the business.

Guide them if necessary. For example:

  • The salesperson can talk about the techniques he used to accelerate a sale, the mental triggers , how to bypass objections, among others;
  • The pre-salesperson can expose a little more his qualification speech and comment on the most relevant calls during the period;
  • The sales manager can discuss business ideas with the team, product updates, and insights they have had with the board.

Also, take the time to update your company’s sales playbook .

This document must contain all the best practices in relation to day-to-day sales.

Thus, you speed up everyone’s knowledge and this will later be reflected in better sales.

7 – Open for questions at the end

sales meeting

At the end of your meeting, make room for questions. It is quite possible (perhaps likely) that some of the topics were not fully understood.

Barriers must be removed. After all, after everyone leaves, the proposed actions will be put into practice.

Therefore, if there is communication noise, they may not have the desired effect. And then, well, it’s a ripple effect and you can imagine well what will happen, right?

It doesn’t have to be a long time. Even 5 minutes make the difference to trim any edges.

Nobody can leave the sales meeting in doubt, okay?

So it’s never too late to change your weekly meetings. Try out some of these ideas at upcoming meetings.

Make them worth the effort and time spent. And you’ll see that this will reflect on your sales and customer success with your brand.

So, how can we help you?

If you have questions about the content or want to share some pain in your business, talk to a consultant whenever you need to.

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Good sales!