• August 1, 2021

Sales Drive, what is it? See 7 strategies to increase sales

Sales Drive

Sales Drive, by concept, means an extra effort for your sales team to reach and go beyond the goal. It is, therefore, a strategy to ensure maximum effort from everyone involved in the operation.

You know very well that sometimes it’s hard to keep the team’s motivation high. And that, of course, ends up being reflected in sales performance month after month.

But calm down, you and your team are not alone. This is more common than you might think. In fact, it is the reality of most companies interviewed in this survey here . 66% of them do not reach the goal by the end of the month..

The reasons for this are many. Your sales team may feel that:

  • there is no clear (or positive) leadership for the team;
  • training is not adequate for routine functions;
  • they don’t have the right direction;
  • they still don’t fully dominate the product or service they sell, etc.

The list goes on for several reasons. It is necessary to understand the peculiarities of the company to complete it. But, let’s talk about how to overcome these obstacles, right?

It is at this point that the Sales Drive concept needs to be applied to the business.

Today’s article lists strategies for “turning the key”. Make your team have a greater effort, producing more.

The mission, without a doubt, is to seek to sell more and better.

Stay with us and check it out. Good reading!

Why is a Sales Drive strategy important for companies?

There are several reasons why your sales team doesn’t succeed. They fight and fight every day.

But, at the end of the month, the numbers always fall short of expectations. It’s frustrating for all heads and sales managers , no doubt about it.

After all, not reaching the sales target month after month can cause changes in the team, for example. In addition to not delivering the return the company wants. It’s bad on the whole.

Studies estimate that firing an employee to replace another can cost 200% of the annual salary that the position in the company earns.

Therefore, the importance of a Sales Drive strategy grows. This is nothing more than a set of actions and tasks to ensure what the company so badly needs: sales.

There’s a lot to worry about. Many fronts need to be “attacked”. After all, your team is made up of people with individual needs and desires.

This cannot be ignored.

7 Sales Drive Strategies for Your Team to Hit the Sales Target

But, after all, how to get Sales Drive strategies out of the paper? And which ones are crucial to keeping motivation high in the sales industry ?

We selected 7 of them for your team to be able to sell more and better.

Check out:

1 – Individual sales training

Sales managers are, by and large, busy. OK no problem. But that cannot be an excuse.

In other words, it can’t be a reason not to be close to your team; not to be available to your salespeople to help them.

In this sense, sales training is crucial. When done regularly, it is essential to keep your team longer:

  • productive;
  • trusting;
  • skillful.

Companies that provide this training are able to achieve nearly 17% growth in annual revenue. If your team is not properly trained, this will be reflected in the delivery to the client.

The demand is growing and the priority of its consumers changes. And you must be prepared to supply them and close more deals.

And doing this training individually helps your team feel more confident in your sales approach.

After all, they will have an expert opinion (you). Your best sellers will appreciate any help you can offer. As long as, of course, you are flexible and patient to improve them.

2 – Encourage continuous learning

The training itself does not fully work. There is a Harvard Business Review study that explains this phrase.

The survey found that 87% of people forget, in just 30 days, what they learned in live training.

Therefore, providing the training – and only – will not bring the necessary efficiency and effectiveness. The key here is to note two points:

  • whether salespeople who had the most difficulties improved performance significantly;
  • whether the new efforts are actually bringing in more revenue for the company.

Within the Sales Drive strategy, it is necessary to have organization and frequency. So, create a strategic training plan for the team for a quarter, for example (and stick to it!).

Each training needs to be linked to the previous one. Only then will there be continuity and certainty that the topic was properly absorbed.

And, of course, add new strategies that will be put into practice – and revised at the next meeting.

Last but not least , understanding cash flow is necessary for you to understand the entry and exit of your company!

It is interesting that your employees learn about the subject, as good management starts with the inclusion and understanding of everyone.

3 – Simplify and clarify the sales process

Okay, the sales process is not always unique or standard for everyone. However, it is necessary to make it as simple, clear and efficient as possible.

That is, structuring a sales funnel with only the essential steps that need to be completed. One of the best ways to do this is to create a manual.

Or, in other words, a sales playbook . This is a document where the sales team shares best practices.

Strategies are documented and help to accelerate knowledge. Something, by the way, essential for those who sell little today, and for new sellers.

Sales Drive, to be efficient, needs to be collaborative.

4 – Encourage healthy competition

A good Sales Drive strategy to boost your team might be this. To create a (healthy) competition among your salespeople. For this, it is necessary to establish some rules.

Set a clear goal

For example, if you want to improve lead qualification or simply increase sales, be clear. Tell your team exactly what the goal is (and how soon). Thus, it will be possible to know who was the winner of the dispute.

do it the simple way

Try to focus on one goal during competition. Also, make sure the rules are easy for everyone to understand.

Have a good time

It is likely that most of your salespeople are already naturally competitive. That’s fine – but only up to page 2.

Invent friendly games to make the competition more interesting, but also light. Keep everyone’s enthusiasm up to date.

Use the company’s internal marketing sector for this, for example. Finally, don’t forget to reward the winner(s).

And to celebrate individual and collective victories. After all, 78% of salespeople surveyed in this study feel more motivated when this happens.

5 – Identify the barriers that impede success

Your team may be struggling with some barriers that prevent you from achieving your goals and objectives . And it is the manager’s job to identify and help them to overcome them.

Only then will the Sales Drive strategy work. Some factors are common in this regard. We separated 2 of them.

See if this is happening to your team.

Fear of rejection

Work with your salespeople to change that rejection perspective. Don’t let them assume that a missed call will be a missed opportunity.

Or that an email not returned, in the proposal follow up step , is the end of the line. Instead, help them to be positive and constant in their new attempts.

Also, create good sales scripts for all steps in the pipeline. This will ensure that customers’ most common concerns are addressed.

By anticipating objections, it will be possible to have solid and complete answers ready.

Poor communication

Did you know that 92% of all customer interactions take place over the phone? This is a statistic that shows the importance of communication in sales.

The key, by the way, is to be much more of a listener than a speaker, so to speak. Listening connects sellers and customers.

And that makes leads much more of a conversation than a sales pitch. Something, you know well, crucial to a lasting, positive relationship.

6 – Provide detailed feedback to the team

In a sales culture that promotes growth and success, there is another important detail. Which? Detailed feedback for your team.

A study shows that this has a positive effect on the company. When feedback is personalized and frequent, there is up to 30x more employee engagement with the company.

Another survey reveals that 65% of salespeople would love to receive feedback from their manager. Establish frequent feedbacks. It doesn’t have to be every month, but every 2 months, why not?

Remember, you have to keep everyone’s motivation high. That’s what Sales Drive is all about.

7 – Having the technology of a sales CRM

Each and every sales strategy finds its main ally in a good CRM .

  • Organize funnels and their steps;
  • Accelerate negotiations with email templates and proposals;
  • Have automatic actions to perform tasks;
  • Complete reports to measure performance;
  • Integration with WhatsApp, LinkedIn, chats (bot and online);
  • Integrations with marketing automation tools.

The technology of a sales system is critical for the Sales Drive strategy to work.

It’s crucial to empower your team. Give him the conditions and ammunition he needs to sell more and better. And data management to understand how sales are today.

Who sells the most. Which product. For which customer. Without a good CRM, there is no goal and strategy to resist.

He is the best friend of any sales industry. Make this clear and make your team’s routine more productive and assertive.

So, how can we help you?

To learn more about what a good sales CRM can do for your team and company: TALK TO A CONSULTANT .

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Good sales!