• August 1, 2021

Sales consultant: what does it do and what is its relationship with technology in sales?

What does the sales consultant do?

The sales consultant’s job has changed a lot over the past few decades. The impact of technology has decisively affected the ways of working in companies all over the world and in all segments.

And that changed the way the customer relates to the brand. With more information available to everyone, consumers have become much more demanding as they are able to charge more from companies.

The trigger for this is obvious, right? With people more demanding in relation to what they consume, companies sought alternatives to not only meet this obligation but also stand out from the competition.

And, obviously, technology plays a decisive role in this transformation – and the sales consultant had to accompany it. Therefore, old practices are no longer fit for work in sales today.

In this way, understanding how the work of the sales consultant was impacted is, in a way, understanding the current scenario in sales. The consultant has an important role to straighten processes and improve the company’s business results, right?

It is he who will then bring innovation into organizations, playing a decisive strategic role in a path of constant growth.

In this text, we explain what characteristics a sales consultant needs in an increasingly technological and connected world. And also how it manages to impact the projects currently and what is its importance in them.

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What is the role of the sales consultant within companies?

The sales consultant of mivida city is someone external to the company who arrives to correct bottlenecks that exist in the organizations’ business processes. But he is, above all, an explorer.

He is responsible for seeking to reduce the sales cycle while satisfying customer needs throughout all stages of the sales funnel. Generate value all the time, from the first to the last contact – seeking, of course, to close the sale as quickly as possible.

Within this reality, some points that the commercial consultant needs to introduce or improve in companies are:

  • Attracting customers ;
  • Qualification of leads;
  • Sales pitch;
  • Sales Playbook ;
  • Map customer needs;
  • Proposals suited to these needs;
  • Follow up at all stages of the sales process
  • Between others

The consultant can, in fact, be both a consultative salesperson – which happens a lot in B2B sales, which are more complex, as well as someone who only does analysis.

The latter maps how the companies’ sales process is doing. After a few days “immersed” in the commercial routine, he advises on what needs to be improved and how it should happen.

The structuring of the commercial sector goes through the consultant

Building a sales department that works is difficult. In companies that are not yet large, this role is often left with the sales consultant.

Thus, he is the one who will assemble, structure and also train the sales team.

It is one of the most elementary works. It will identify who your company is and find sellers, SDR and all professionals in the market that fit the ideal profile.

The consultant will also be responsible for training the team on sales strategies and techniques that make sense to customers and the market.

And this professional will also be in charge of feedback meetings to straighten out the processes and participate, for a specified period, in day-to-day sales. All to let the commercial sector manage its opportunities well within the sales funnel.

Another important point is that the commercial consultant is aware of what the market shows as a trend. How the customer and competitors are behaving and, within that, bring improvement insights.

And then the solutions can be different, from sales methodology to the hiring of software, for example, that helps in greater sales control.

The Qualities of the Sales Consultant in the Connected and Technological World

As we said, technology demands more from companies and, obviously, when structuring sales, they look for consultancy in tune with the market.

Therefore, the job of the commercial consultant has changed. He can no longer be that person who cared only about internal factors. Therefore, we have separated some essential characteristics for the sales consultant in the technological world.

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Restless to qualify

It is inherent for any professional involved in sales to be in constant improvement. The world changes very fast. The customer is increasingly aware of how the market and the companies operating in it work.

Competitors, then, are constantly looking to innovate and today’s knowledge may be worthless tomorrow. In B2B sales, for example, a new software functionality can completely revolutionize the market.

That is why it is essential that the consultant is always aware of trends. Once things get off the ground and become popular, it’s very easy to know what’s going to happen, isn’t it?

But a good consultant is well connected. He circulates through various media, talks to many people who are at the forefront in many organizations and industries, and is always side by side at the forefront.

He needs to act like this. It’s a matter of survival in relation to what you do. Without being involved at this level, he can literally overnight be out of date.

Curious and attentive

Listening more than talking. This is one of the most popular sales tips and it makes perfect sense when we talk about sales that are complex.

In this context, the consultant needs to work alongside the sales team. You have to participate in the calls and identify opportunities for closing. Subsequently, these moments must be registered within the sales playbook and made accessible to everyone.

This is the role of this professional. Identify, categorize, record and share information, practices and everything else needed to make the sales process even more round.

In addition, it is his job to know which tools help to increase the team’s productivity, making the work assertive and optimized. There is a lot of information and it all needs to be in a sales system that helps, doesn’t it?

Passionate about processes

Processes are always changing. He’s never ready, but he’s always improving. Understand: just because the company has found an effective way to sell is not that it will remain successful all the time.

The sales consultant is responsible for being in contact with the market and maintaining a good relationship with the customer to know how to optimize each step of the purchase journey in the pipeline. Hence, training, training and more training. If when the process is assertive it is always necessary to improve, imagine when it is not.

A good sales consultant is, without a doubt, someone passionate about processes: to sell, qualify, prospect, ensure the client’s success… it doesn’t matter.

And based on performance evaluations, the work within these stages will become even more assertive.

Appreciation for people

business consultant: people management

To be true, to be able to captivate and convince everyone involved in the sales sector, the consultant needs to like and know how to deal with people.

Yes. This sentence may seem obvious. But not everyone understands that people are companies’ most valuable assets. They are the ones who have the knowledge and ability to influence other people (the potential customers to buy).

Technology is great and helps everyone’s work. It can even attract prospects, but it is the human being who will delight and make the customer stay with the company.

The consultant needs to understand this, not only to get everything he wants to get through but to empower his team. Show that the power of words is true. That this impacts and is synonymous with power, something that gives security to daily work.

Effective when prospecting and retaining

Prospecting customers is an endless task. When you can do it in greater volume. When you get more volume, you want to do better. And so needs to be the sales consultant. Within this reality, there must be tireless work so that no leads generated cool down inside the pre-sales funnel, waiting for a qualifying call that never arrives.

If that phone call doesn’t take place, then the consultancy is failing. Either in not instructing the SDR well or in not realizing it has more work than it can handle. But if this qualification work is done and helps the salesperson to sell better, then the obsession becomes to transform the customer into a brand evangelizing.

What an ideal scenario would be to have opportunities open in your sales funnel only from referrals that your current customers have given you, isn’t it? The CAC would be very low, as well as the sales cycle. For this, more than investing in customer success, it is necessary to implement methods such as NPS so that the company’s solution is propagated “to the four corners of the market”.

Therefore, it is important to constantly interact with the customer – a weekly newsletter with news is already the first step.

Friend of technology

Sales and Technology Consultant

Of course, the consultant, in such a connected world, needs to be a friend of technology. He has to know all the software that helps companies to sell more and better, increasing productivity and reducing costs with the commercial operation.

CRM, ERP, VoIP… all are examples of systems that help teams work better in search of the best results. If we think that a consultant needs to have control of what is done in the commercial area, the use of an Online CRM becomes essential.

It is with it that it is possible to have multiple funnels with well-established steps and automatic actions. Furthermore, with a detailed report of each salesperson’s opportunities, it is possible to identify where the sales process fails.

And, in this way, technology and consultant walk side by side, always looking to do the best for companies.

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