• August 1, 2021
Online Business

Online Business: 15 Ideas for Online Business in 2021


Self-employment and doing business online have become relevant since the emergence of the Internet. Online business is an island of stability in today’s modern world full of lockdowns and quarantines.

Cafes can be forced to close, shows can be cancelled, however anyone who manages to run an online business will not be affected by any quarantine restrictions.

Are you wondering how to start your own business? We have gathered the most relevant ideas for 2020-2021.

Personal blog

Having a blog is promising and profitable, especially if you have knowledge and interesting ideas to share.

You need to choose a niche and develop a strategy to make blogging a business. Focus on your own knowledge and relevance of the proposed subject to the audience.

Think about how you will monetize your content in advance:

  • through affiliate marketing;
  • provide space for advertising;
  • create sponsored content;
  • organize the sale of goods and services on the blog.


Remember that the main secret of a blog’s success is quality and unique content. This will attract a loyal audience.

affiliate marketing

This is a traditional and popular online business. Affiliate marketing means earning money promoting the services and products of different companies.

It’s especially interesting for content creators: article authors, video producers, Instagram, bloggers and others.

Influencers may recommend certain products to the public in a way that looks like friendly advice rather than direct advertising.

This way of making money is also suitable for product review authors. The payout level depends on the popularity of your sales channel (amount of audience and engagement rate).

Advertisers may offer some products or discounts and you get paid for the product purchased.

Content Writer on Patreon

This is a popular crowdfunding platform where the public supports their favorite authors. An author can offer fans multiple content funding options.

To use the platform as an author, you will need to register with the creator’s plan. It’s a paid plan, but the fees will decrease once you make a profit.

Subscription will give you access to analysis and training resources. There are many writers/authors who earn good money and have a loyal fan base.

Sale of handmade products

Handmade products remain a trend: many people are willing to pay more for exclusive products.

The craft is exclusive, therefore, its price is higher than the price of industrialized competitors. You will be able to work from home establishing a supply of products to sell wholesale.

It’s important to choose the right target audience to sell your products to. You can sell through commercial social media accounts, through your own website, or through specialized sites like Etsy.

By the way, you can find ideas for inspiration on this site (as well as on Instagram using the #handmade hashtag).

But remember: when selling products through a themed platform, you won’t control every process and will pay fees.

Therefore, having studied the target audience, it is better to create your own sales area.

Don’t forget to create a high quality brand for your website or social networking page: this is important for identifying and increasing your recognition.

An inexpensive tool for creating a quality brand is Logaster’s corporate visual style generator . It is an online and practical builder with a very simple user-friendly interface.

dropshipping sales

This is one of the best options for owning a business if you have limited start-up capital. Dropshipping allows you to sell products online without the need to touch the products directly.

All sales, shipments and possible returns will be handled by the supplier. Your task is to find buyers and contact them.

You don’t need to focus on just one wholesale supplier: you can sell different groups of products from different brands.

Your earnings are the difference between wholesale and retail prices. You can find suppliers through specialized catalogs: for example, AliDropship or SaleHoo.

The competition among online stores these days is extremely high.

So it’s best to focus on a very specific niche at first: for example, Mooshe Socks only sells quirky socks.

business consulting

Demand for paid courses and expert advice is consistently high. This is because people want to learn quickly and conveniently.

An Internet specialization course is the most convenient way to obtain concentrated information. Be a consultant and help people by earning money from it.

There are many thematic niches with high demand for coach services. They are: marketing and advertising, logistics, project management, crisis management and much more

  • strategy advice;
  • management at different levels;
  • team work;
  • IT solutions.

First, you will need to develop several courses ready to go with the specific promised result. Make it clear that you are ready to advise clients individually.

You will need a reliable communication channel (for video consulting) and your own website to attract audiences and gather contacts.

How to do real estate marketing: traditional and digital


The 2 billion active user mark is in itself an important reason for you to start dominating this platform. The main thing, as always, is to find your niche.

There are viewers interested in different subject areas: from game streaming to expert analysis.

Earnings depend on the type of monetization of the blog. It could be through affiliate marketing, sponsorship or product evaluation and review.

Once you’ve gathered a large active audience and a large following, you’ll be able to stream YouTube ads on your channel, which will bring in significant extra revenue.

There is a recent trend of turning YouTubers into opinion makers and media experts. This is an opportunity to increase your popularity and expand your audience.

You can learn how to create, brand and develop your YouTube channel in detail in this article .


This is one of the most promising business areas. The trend toward podcasts has been embraced by major media platforms, creating separate categories for publishing and selling them.

Popular podcast authors need brands as influencers. This is another opportunity to monetize your business.

It’s important to choose your niche and investigate your competitors in order to become a popular podcast. This is necessary to identify the unique characteristics of your channel.

The main source of income for a podcaster is affiliate marketing and working with sponsored content.

Leaders make money by running ads through specialized networks like Midroll.

You will need quality equipment and professional audio editing software (eg Adobe Audition) to work in this area.

To stream your podcast episodes, sign up for a popular platform specifically for it or create your own website.

This will give you more opportunities to manage your business. Publish ready-made episodes to Spotify and other paid streaming services.

online teaching

Create an online training course and find interested students if you have unique knowledge or expertise in a particular field.

There is a type of audience for any type of subject: from classical subjects (eg math or a foreign language) to developing ones (be it playing musical instruments or flower arrangements).

At the beginning, you can find students on specialized platforms (Udemy, Teachable).

Once you become popular enough in your niche, you can create your website and work on your own.

Online assistance

It is a good idea for a remote company to perform the tasks and functions of an online assistant.

The list of work tasks is standard: replying to customer emails, scheduling meetings, organizing processes, maintaining standard documentation, etc.

You will be able to choose a restricted professional direction: for example, assisting in digital marketing, filling website pages with content, maintaining branded pages on social media, managing a corporate website, etc.

To start with, it is recommended to look for vacancies for this type of work as a freelancer. Upwork is one of the most popular platforms for this.

After gaining experience and becoming in demand in your niche, create your own website for direct customer service.

Amazon FBA

The traditional way to start a business is through the largest e-commerce platform in the United States.

The trading scheme is generally standard: a seller orders goods from China and they are stored in one of Amazon’s warehouses in the United States.

Then it fills in the product information and attracts customers. Amazon arranges shipping of purchased items.

Of course, you will need to pay the company to store the goods and organize sales. However, it is usually still more profitable than running a fully autonomous online store, at least at the start of a business.

Remote Technical Support Consultant This is especially relevant for those who are knowledgeable in technical processes, computers and other systems.

Thousands of users face unsolvable problems every day (at least from their point of view). In most cases, they don’t need a personal presence to be resolved.

It can be a telephone consultation or a remote connection. If you are ready for the job, you can create your own website and advertise services.

This is relevant not only for the IT niche: there is a demand for consultants in the field of psychology, rights protection, automobiles, etc.

Graphic design

You don’t need a physical presence in an office to work in this sector. You can work from home, comfortably contacting clients online.

Businesses of all levels regularly need visual branding materials, from logos to social media posting templates, presentations and infographics.

Are you good at drawing but don’t have the right skills? Fortunately, remote designers don’t need to have a college degree.

It will be enough to complete the technical courses and practice a lot. You will also need to buy a drawing tablet and professional software.

You are going to need a really cool portfolio. Strong examples and evidence of working with well-known brands will attract customers.

You may have to complete multiple orders for free or provide a significant discount to create a portfolio.

Application development

The mobile app market continues to grow, so the demand for good developers is high.

Not every client can pay for the services of a large agency, so they often hire private remote specialists.

Instead of waiting for online customer orders, you can also invent an original concept yourself and then sell your app (or make money from paid advertising and additional features).

You don’t even have to be a programmer to develop apps: AppSheet and AppyPie allow you to create apps yourself, even without technical skills.

Finding the Right Products on eBay Many buyers need specific solutions. For example, buying a cheap gadget with certain features.

Searching on your own can take a long time on this great platform. Study the public’s needs, analyze eBay offers, and create collections.

You can earn money as an intermediary partner or sell your service to find the right products.


In fact, there are plenty of ideas for you to create your own online business. In this selection, we try to demonstrate the different directions.

Assess your capabilities and desires, study the market and audience, then feel free to start your own business.