• August 1, 2021

Lead Generation on Facebook Lead Ads integrated with CRM

Sign Up Generator Facebook Lead Ads

The lead generation by Facebook Ads Lead  is not a new strategy. However, it is used with great success in B2C companies. Not all B2B companies are able to use this strategy effectively.

In this article I bring an interesting topic: a type of ad that has been offered for some years (since 2015 actually) by Facebook but which is not well known by B2B companies here in Brazil, as many are content to boost posts and/or not they have the knowledge to try new alternatives.

The intent of this article is to show the reader how it is possible to create a lead generation machine through Facebook for both B2C and B2B companies as well.

Lead Generation on Facebook

Well, let’s start this article by saying something you absolutely already know: the organic reach of posts on Facebook is getting smaller every day. Facebook favors posts from users’ friends more than posts from business pages.

In view of this, is it worth continuing to consider the social network as a relevant source of customers for your business?

Rest assured that it does! Obviously, with an adequate strategy for your business reality.

Be found by people who want to know more about your brand or what you offer.

In this article I am considering just one Facebook lead generation strategy that is paid. I’ll talk about her throughout the article.

Types of Ads on Facebook Ads

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Facebook Ads offers different types of ads, each with a different appeal:

  • Video
  • Image
  • Collection
  • Carousel
  • Multimedia Presentation
  • Instant Experience
  • Lead Ads
  • Offers
  • Involvement with Publication
  • Participation in the event
  • Likes on the Page

More information about the types of ads on Facebook can be found in the Facebook Ads Guide .

Specifically in this article we are going to deal with Facebook Lead Ads .

I could not find a correct nomenclature for this type of ad also known in Brazil as Register ads , entries Generation Ads , Leads announcement , Lead Generator , or only Lead Ads , which is hardly a problem, as the Facebook itself doesn’t have a standard about it.

What is Facebook Lead Ads

If you have never created an ad on Facebook before, I recommend that you read the Beginners Guide as it will help you understand the structure of campaigns better and faster.

The Facebook Ads Lead is a type of ad that has a registration form with the ad.

It allows you to find the people who want to know about your brand or what you offer, more easily and without leaving Facebook.

Two advantages of Lead Ads is that it doesn’t need a landing page to work and it also works on Instagram.

How does Facebook Lead Ads work?

This type of ad, after being displayed to the user, can be filled by him. At this time, Facebook records the data and makes it available on its platform so that the advertiser can download it into a spreadsheet or receive the data via API/webhooks.

I particularly find that doing the procedure of extracting leads from Facebook in CSV or XLS file later causes the leads to cool down and not have such a good conversion rate, so I recommend integrating the lead generator with a CRM.

Facebook created a page with success stories of small and medium-sized companies . It is worth taking a look.

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Land Rover Staff Testimony on Lead Ads:

“In A/B tests, Facebook’s native lead ads performed better , in terms of total leads and conversion rate, than website-forwarding link ads to fill out a lead form . These ads also generated a 4x cost-per-lead reduction compared to previous social lead generation tactics.” – Kim Kyaw, Digital Marketing and Social Media Manager, Land Rover.

Many companies in Brazil are already using it. The first one I remember seeing was the GhFly agency using a video ad in conjunction with a form. On the case page you can see the ones from Viva Real and the Brazilian Educational System (SEB) .

Here at PipeRun we ran a test campaign during the Facebook Lead Ads integration process with CRM and we liked the result. We had a skewed perception that Facebook would serve more to B2C and top-of-the-funnel companies, but the campaign behavior proved surprising, generating qualified B2b leads for our sales team.

What is the advantage of integrating Lead Ads with CRM to manage leads?

By integrating Facebook lead-generating ads with CRM, you can get several benefits , not just one.

Let’s better understand the definition of CRM in this case:

The CRM is the system that will receive the leads so that your company’s marketing, pre-sales or sales team (depends on the approach created in the campaign) will use to manage the service and relationship with these leads. Overall we can differentiate into two types: CRM Marketing and Sales CRM .

The CRM Marketing is the one used to make the automation of nutrition leads that are not ready for the time of purchase or not they are qualified. We can mention here software such as Dinamize’s Mkt2Easy , RD Station by Resultados Digitais, Pipz by eCentry, among others. They are marketing automation software.

The Sales CRM is the one that operationalizes the sales funnel . Where you define your business steps and where the sales team will routinely work. Here we can mention PipeRun, Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, etc. These are Sales CRM.

Some advantages of integrating lead ads with CRM to manage leads:

  1. Increase the speed of service to leads and closing deals (the shorter the contact time, the higher the conversion rate);
  2. Make a good impression by the agility in the lead service;
  3. Reduce manual processes and prevent leads from cooling down waiting for manual import;
  4. Improve business performance through agile relationship with leads;
  5. Get better returns on Social Ads investments;
  6. Reduce CAC (customer acquisition cost);
  7. Automate activities in CRM (such as creating a task for the team or sending an email to the lead automatically).

Let’s now go to the practical part of this article.

Step by step to create a Facebook Lead Ads campaign

I do not intend to repeat the walkthrough that is already available on Facebook. You can follow these 8 steps suggested by Facebook to start your first campaign .

In the video below, I want to show you how to integrate the lead generator ad with CRM so you can receive the generated leads directly in the sales pipeline.

Click and subscribe to our YouTube channel .

You can access tools to create Facebook ads .

How to optimize these ads to generate more leads

Some tips:

  • Do not leave the email with the required field. Most of the time the email used by the Facebook user is not their main email and if they are really interested in your business, give them the freedom to enter the correct email in the form;
  • Use few fields on the form.
  • Configure Facebook Pixel and Google Analytics in CRM to create custom and similar audiences.

How to integrate Facebook Lead Generation with CRM PipeRun

This integration uses the facebook lead ads api feature , which allows you to send the leads generated by the ads directly to the CRM sales pipeline .

The first step is that you have already created a business page on Facebook.

The second is to have created a Lead Ads campaign on Facebook and have at least one form active in the campaign.

With this accessible, go to your PipeRun account (if you don’t already have one, create one here ), access the integrations area and look for the Facebook Ads button .

When clicking, you will be redirected to the integration configuration page, you will need to authenticate the user and allow access from the business page to PipeRun.

After authenticating, select page (1), select the funnel and step where the lead should be imported (2) and select the lead source (3).

To complete the integration, just click the green button (Enable Integration) and the CRM will start receiving new leads after your conversions in the Lead Ads form.

Finally, after receiving the first lead in CRM, the fields submitted by the Facebook form will be listed in the Field Mapping.

You will need to map the fields, selecting those received and the fields where the data should be forwarded (saved) in CRM.

Other ways to integrate Facebook Lead Ads and other apps

Maybe you don’t want to integrate Facebook Lead Ads just with Sales CRM. Maybe you need to send to other apps like CRM Marketing, email marketing tools or even with a spreadsheet.

To finish

Our goal is always to bring features that solve the needs of companies. Hope this article helps solve yours!

For questions, suggestions and other comments, use the form below.

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