• August 1, 2021
Customer success

Customer success: what it is and strategies to apply in companies

customer success

Ensuring customer success is essential for companies that want not only to grow and be references in the segment in which they operate.

It’s crucial on several points. But let’s stick to a logo at the start. It is a methodology that helps a lot in reducing costs.

After all, the customer needs to be the focus and priority of any company. And creating value for him, from the first contact to the last, is essential to ensure his success.

The market is competitive. The remaining slice is sometimes small. Consumers are demanding. So how to successfully complete this mission?

There is no magic formula. And it’s good that you understand right away.

However, any success at this point passes through the customers. It’s about satisfying, making him loyal and making him an evangelizer.

Today’s article helps you and your company in this regard.

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So what is customer success?

Customer success can be considered a methodology. Or even a goal that companies need to achieve.

It’s about ensuring that the customer has maximum success all the time. May he live the best possible experience when consuming the brand.

There are clear goals and challenges when talking about customer success. Therefore, it is crucial for everyone involved to be proactive. Yes, synergy is vital to accomplishing this mission.

But, you need to have something very clear in mind. Customer success is different from the support area .

The first, as we said, needs to be proactive. It goes beyond sending content so that the customer can always have the best experience with what they bought.

The company must make itself available to clarify any doubts. To understand if there are any points that need to be reinforced.

These two elements are essential for there to be total success in using what has been purchased or contracted.

As a result, you even reduce your support expense. After all, you will avoid opening many tickets and tickets.

Otherwise, if this happens at high volume, your current team may not be able to handle it.

Consequently, you will have dissatisfied customers and the risk of churn will be higher.

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5 tips on how to ensure customer success

To ensure that the customer is successful within your company, it is necessary to be structured.

The focus is on creating value for it, remember? Therefore, you need to ensure that he understands the best way to consume what you sold.

Look at the end of the process. He needs to be an evangelist for your brand. This is what you want. That’s what your team will work for.

For example. If the customer is most successful using what you’ve sold, they will definitely recommend your product.

Whether for partners or in reviews on specialized sites, social networks, among others.

As a result, the company reduces spending on customer acquisition . It’s logical, right?

The customer that consumed you and that you worked on, “returned”. He was so pleased that he spread the word around.

And potential customers showed up to find out more. Isn’t it the perfect setting?

For this to happen, it is necessary to structure itself.

To help you, we have separated 5 strategies or points of attention. By following them, you and your team will be on a good path to customer success.

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1 – Marketing and sales aligned

Aligned marketing and sales is essential for all sectors of the company. And here don’t think it’s just in sales management , no.

When it comes to the customer, there needs to be union. Both teams need to talk about what needs to be done. And how the current process can be improved.

Sales is in more direct contact with customers. The sector is much more aware of the “pains” they have.

So it’s up to the two to talk. The commercial team must make a demand for marketing materials. From there, the company begins to create value for potential customers.

Through inbound marketing techniques it is possible to arouse the attention of leads.

For this, it is necessary to have good content that educates and empowers those interested.

It’s no use generating content based on what you think.

That’s why the dialogue between sales and marketing is important. The commercial team knows the customers’ pains. And marketing will produce the value to attract them.

2 – The customer is the center of operations, always

How to ensure customer success?

Any process, change of direction, new strategy, improved speech, whatever, can only have one focus: the customer.

Every company needs to be aware of this, not just marketing, sales or customer success . Finance, administration… Everyone needs to be connected in a single speech. They must be customer-focused and reflect the company’s values.

For the customer to be guaranteed as the focus of companies, it is necessary to adopt this mentality. Especially when selecting people .

It is necessary to be aware that it is always necessary to optimize processes. This alone ensures that the customer can be successful within the company.

At times the situation can get tense. At this time, remember. A business without customers is nothing.

So take a deep breath. Do what needs to be done and find the best way out for everyone.

3 – Structure a team focused on customer success

It is essential to have a team focused on ensuring customer success. A team of true experts to drive strategies and ensure goals are met.

For this, the pro-activity of everyone involved needs to appear. It is crucial to get in touch with the customer even before he asks.

First, you need to listen. Ask the customer what the experience is like. Listen.

Afterwards, identify what actions can be taken so that he can improve the use of the solution he hired.

The role of a manager should be this. Ensure the quality of work. Understand what materials need to be made. In addition, it must always be available to the team and always keep the process straight.

To help with this, why not create a success funnel within your CRM Online ?

Thus, you define the necessary contact steps. Schedule automatic actions. Set reminders when customer and company contact you.

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In this way, no customer will be without the necessary help. After all, you will be available during the client’s adaptation to what was hired.

4 – The importance of onboarding

How to ensure customer success?

Onboarding is the official moment of customer entry into companies. That’s when he’s having his first contacts with what he bought.

The objective is exactly that, to educate the customer and continue to generate value for him. Yes, continue. After all, his marketing, pre-sales and sales team has already helped and empowered him, right?

This is the moment when he is adapting to processes that the company has established. You are understanding the deadlines and starting your journey to have maximum success using the solution.

For this reason, passing the baton from the sales team to the customer success team is vital.

But to be able to make this happen correctly, the salesperson has to do his job assertively.

On occasion, within the CRM, it is vital that all information about the customer is filled.

Only then is it possible to understand the customer’s maturity level. Know if there is familiarity with the product or service and understand which strategy should be adopted.

It is important to take the opportunity to gather impressions about how onboarding is applied.

Does it make sense to keep the current format? Is it possible to automate this moment? What content or best practices can be shared?

5 – You need to understand if your company is doing a good job

How are the results of customers using your solution? Can you monitor and measure this?

If you don’t have control over how customers are using your services or products, then we have a problem.

Get his whole journey , all his information, in one place. A good CRM allows for this. This way, when you accompany the client, you will know at what level he is understanding the contracted solution.

Obviously not all customers are the same, many have their own peculiarities. However, there are similarities. In turn, these, to make the process more effective, need to be mapped.

Did you notice that every new customer has difficulty understanding the functionality of the service?

So you already know that you will need to create educational content. Something didactic so that he can consume and understand how it works.

Start there, mapping common points and recording them all in your CRM’s success funnel. Suppress the pain with content and a lot of pro-activity.

In this way, thanks to this facilitated work, the client’s success team will have more time to focus on each client’s individual difficulties.

For example, to generate value and gather feedback you could create some video content. This can be the solution to a particular problem.

Customer success depends on its employees

No company can grow, neither in sales nor guaranteeing customer success, if it is not constantly updating itself.

Keeping the same habits as years ago or leaving the sales playbook out of date makes less and less sense.

Consumers are demanding, your competition is constantly trying to get them out of your company, and you can’t be satisfied after closing the sale.

It is crucial to encourage the so-called agile methodology . It works so that knowledge is shared. And that continuous improvement is encouraged by everyone within organizations.

Essential, too, is to make assertive use of the sales system you choose, especially CRM.

It will contain all the information that the customer has given the company to ensure its success.

Satisfied customers don’t just stay with the company. They can also generate what is called an upsell . Above all, they refer your company to others.

The customer’s success is your success. If he’s an evangelist for your brand, you’ll get not only new customers, but more mature, ready-to-buy customers.

After all, you showed your customer how your solution works, he understood and showed it to others.

The customer wins, your company wins.

So, how can we help you?

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