• August 1, 2021

Commercial manager: the profile and functions of a complete manager

Commercial Manager

The profile of the commercial manager has changed a lot in recent years. And technology has a decisive impact on the work of these professionals within companies.

After all, we cannot deny a fact. The technological world has revolutionized the way we relate to work, right?

Think about the routine of our parents, our grandparents. Now compare with ours… it doesn’t even feel the same country. Technology is here to stay, of course.


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IT optimizes processes, increases productivity and, of course, changes a lot. And one of them is the commercial manager profile. This professional is no longer the one who “does everything”.

It is certainly no longer a centralizing figure. Of course, he maintains and exercises his leadership whenever necessary. But, the sales process is a collective construction within companies.

And again: technology. It changed the game forever and a good business manager knows this and has adapted. But, after all, what is the role of this professional in organizations today?

More than that, what are your core values? We address these issues throughout the article.

Stay with us and check it out. Good reading!

The sales manager plays a central role in the sales process.

The commercial manager’s responsibilities in the sales process

The commercial manager is the sales leader for each company. It is through it that processes are properly corrected and sales goals and objectives are achieved.

Construction is collective, of course, as we speak. However, I need to have a central figure. Someone who gives direction to the sales routine in companies.

But with the impact of technology on selling, the commercial manager took on an even more strategic role.

As a result, we selected some crucial topics. They are “care” that this professional needs to have to ensure the best results.

Check out:

Sales planning

Here, strategic planning comes into play . It, when done right, sets goals for the commercial sector. However, they need to be realistic to keep engagement high.

Therefore, the commercial manager needs to have a very refined knowledge. Must know about the market and the segment.

It needs to master micro and macroeconomic situations. Not to mention the structure of your sales team.

The manager will set not only collective but also individual goals for each salesperson on a monthly basis. Here, it is worth mentioning, the entire sales force needs to have a goal to meet.

Don’t leave SDRs out. Go then to create a fair sales commission . And that it’s good for everyone. Another crucial point in planning is the constant review of the goal.

It is crucial to understand if the sale is taking place within the company’s ideal customer profile . If it doesn’t, you need to identify immediately. And change the customer acquisition strategy.

Here, it’s up to the commercial manager to have a cup of coffee with the marketing team, how about that?

Team building and training

The sales team is assembled by the commercial manager. He is one of the guardians of the company’s mission, vision and values and needs to bring professionals who make sense to the organization.

More than that, he knows what the company’s customer is like. He understands what virtues his salespeople need to have.

However, it is difficult to find a 100% ready seller. One that immediately meets all the necessary requirements.

Consequently, sales training is essential here. But everything starts “at the beginning”. By hiring. Sorry for the cliché, but it’s true.

It is vital to bring people in for their values ​​and qualities. After that, yes: invest in a lot of training. Sales coaching can be a good alternative.

It is also necessary to keep the sales playbook up to date.

It serves to accelerate everyone’s knowledge and ensure best practices in the sales pitch. For the inside sales model , it is even more valuable.

Control of everything that gets done (and how it’s done)

Controlling sales is essential, and technology helps a lot in this process.

This is the time for technology to be present. There is no way to have sales control without having a sales system that helps the sales manager at this time.

It’s not something that can be overlooked. Even more so with such competitive markets and increasingly demanding consumers.

Customers have access to all types of information. So, for sure they’ve already researched the company. Here’s a good way to do assertive sales management .

Like? Establishing Activity-Based Sales .

But, first of all, count on a good CRM Online . Because only through it is it possible to know how many opportunities were opened in the sales funnel .

Also, the manager understands how many have been lost, won, frozen. On top of that, know the amount of business each seller has, etc.

On top of that, with unlimited funnels, you can see how pre-sales is working. Are the leads being well qualified within each step?

So, mind you: this is something that needs to be clear. Crystalline. The sales manager must be aware of all sales metrics relevant to the business.

Constant review of the process

A sales process is only good when it is reviewed frequently. And this (very well, you guessed it) is a sales manager assignment.

For this, it is important to be based on data and all types of data. They can be collected within the CRM software .

Thus, you can have feedback meetings that are much more productive and also fair. As a result, they will serve to correct any flaws.

After all, nobody is free from this in the day-to-day of the sales sector . A good manager listens to everyone.

However, it puts its knowledge (of the market and of the company) in the decision-making process to oil the process. You have to show self-confidence.

Be firm in what was chosen as the best strategy. And, of course, be aware of how it is put into practice.

A good business manager must also have indispensable requirements for the role.

5 characteristics of the modern commercial manager

Some values ​​are non-negotiable for a commercial manager. After all, he has to deal with all sorts of issues day after day.

For example, he will have to manage people. People who have their quirks, their convictions. People who have their dreams, fears, professional and personal goals.

It is crucial to ensure the team’s synergy on behalf of the company. And, of course, around customer success .

Therefore, we have separated 5 essential characteristics to be a good commercial manager.

1 – Careful with people

First, we start with the most basic item – which we mentioned in the paragraph above. No commercial manager will be successful if he doesn’t know how to manage people.

Being careful, appreciating people is not something that can be taught. Either the person has it or he doesn’t. It is rare that I manage to add this during the professional trajectory.

The manager must ensure that everyone’s motivation is high. In other words, make sure your followers are engaged at all times.

In addition, you need to show yourself at the team’s disposal. This even serves to make everyone’s work safer and more agile.

2 – Competitive spirit

Competitiveness brings a series of benefits to the team (as long as it does not become an obsession).

It is healthy and important for the manager to have a competitive spirit. Above all, this determination and willingness to hit goals is positive.

It’s the leverage the team needs to excel day after day. It’s something that will help your team:

  • get more calls in one day;
  • schedule more more schedules;
  • improve the sales pitch;
  • generates more value to the customer, among others.

Competing increases productivity. Once this becomes a habit, the results will undoubtedly improve.

However, it is crucial that this goes smoothly. Competition cannot be an obsession, of course. It is unhealthy that this leads to losses in the team’s relationship.

The company and customers need to benefit from this competitive spirit.

However, if the result of competing is not that, then it is necessary to review what is being done.

3 – Fair when evaluating

The performance evaluation must always be fair. As a result, it is vital to make sure that the reports generated always contain the information that is important to the operation.

To be fair, it is necessary to take into account some aspects to evaluate the sales team. Such as:

  • monthly salesperson performance according to opportunities ;
  • identify bottlenecks in the sales pitch (listen to the calls stored in each opportunity);
  • analyze the length of the sales cycle ;
  • identify which aspects need further training;
  • understand the reasons for failure in negotiations.

4 – Be organized

An organized sales manager directly influences the structure of the sales process.

Organization is a vital point for every professional. But when it comes to a commercial manager, this premise is doubly true.

Even more when we talk about B2B sales, for example. They are more complex. They require a greater number of contacts and also involve more decision makers than B2C in general.

So, how can you go through all the steps in the pipeline if:

  • is there not the slightest control of what has already been done?
  • are there uncertainties about what level the trading is at?
  • there is no clarity about the next steps to be taken?

Therefore, it is necessary to:

  • distribute the teams correctly;
  • assigning tasks and empowering people to feel part of the process;
  • have defined rules and modus operandi (they don’t need to be rigid all the time);
  • have a strong organizational culture within the company;
  • give professionals resources to reach their full potential.

5 – Best friend of technology

Yes, we’ve already talked about that. Technology is the focal point. The review of processes and the empowerment of people goes through it. From the generated lead to the signed contract.

A good CRM system encompasses it all. And it’s not just for the commercial manager. It benefits the entire company. It gives everyone security to sell more and better.

In short, having control of what is done in the present, it is possible to have sales forecast. This creates much more security to be able to focus efforts and grow.

So, how can we help you?

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