• August 17, 2021

Best practices to align marketing and sales in your company

I imagine you decided to read this article for two reasons: curiosity or you need to align marketing and sales in your company and you don’t know how. The truth is that aligning marketing and sales is a problem for many managers. The sales team thinks that the marketing team is only made up of…

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Sales Engagement

Sales Engagement: see what it is and 4 techniques to apply!

Sales Engagement is a sale resulting from the engagement of both parties involved in the process. Seller and prospect. The concept is to portray all interactions between the two parties, taking into account frequency, quantity and quality of contact. Understanding your concept and technique is important to converting more leads into customers. Sales processes, over the years, have…

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Commercial manager: the profile and functions of a complete manager

The profile of the commercial manager has changed a lot in recent years. And technology has a decisive impact on the work of these professionals within companies. After all, we cannot deny a fact. The technological world has revolutionized the way we relate to work, right? Think about the routine of our parents, our grandparents. Now compare with ours… it…

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The 10 Commandments of the Modern Salesperson to Succeed

Following 10 commandments or sales tips helps salespeople who want to have a little more inspiration or assertiveness in their day-to-day work. After all, let’s face it. The ever more constant advancement of technology has made customers more and more demanding. And this means that, more than adopting 10 salesman commandments, the sales team is constantly updated. And also that…

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Predictable Revenue: what is it, how to find it and how does it boost sales?

Selling more and better is possible through what Aaron Ross calls Predictable Revenue. This term, in English called Predictable Revenue, is present in the book of the same name, co-authored with Marylou Tyler, released in Brazil in 2017. In it, Aaron tells how it was possible to create a machine to make $100 million during the period in which the author managed Salesforce.…

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Sales Call

Sales Call to Qualify Leads: How Do You Know It Was Good?

A sales call is more than just talking about your solution to a potential customer. It is a decisive moment to qualify the lead. A watershed – for good and for bad. That’s why it’s important to know how to evaluate your connections and know what points you can improve. You hang up the phone… A 20 minute…

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Sales Culture

Sales Culture: 7 Strategies to Create in Companies and Increase Sales

A strong sales culture in companies is responsible for improving processes, at all stages, and increasing productivity. It’s important to establish a results culture to focus on the customer and drive sales month after month. For this, some strategies are essential. What company doesn’t want to have excellent customer service at all times? Or better and better…

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Sales training

Sales training: what is it, types and how to assemble? See everything here!

Sales training is and will always be essential within any company. It is only through this that salespeople will have the skills needed to close more deals. But, it’s more than that. Training the sales team ensures the best practices for what really matters: creating value for customers. The sale, of course, will be a consequence of this.…

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What is ERP, how it works, usefulness and the difference for CRM

ERP or CRM? CRM or ERP? It is not uncommon for this doubt to arise when the need to improve process management arises and a tool needs to be acquired. However, you need to understand what exactly your business needs. Improve customer relationship? Automate administrative processes? The best-case scenario is, of course, to make these two things assertive. You may already…

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Sales Meeting: 7 Ideas to Make It More Productive

The sales meeting is an extremely important moment to oil company processes and pass on indicators. But often, this turns out to be a dull moment in your day. And that absolutely cannot be the reality of the company. So, answer honestly, okay? When the reminder pops up on your computer saying it’s time for the sales team…

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