• August 1, 2021
CRM Culture

CRM Culture: 3 Steps to Customer-Driven Teams and Processes

A strong CRM culture in companies is what ensures that people and processes will be customer-centric and focused. It is very important that your team understand the importance and benefits that technology brings so that you can prospect, nurture, qualify, retain and delight customers much more easily. Technology is important in any company’s sales process.…

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Customer success

Customer success: what it is and strategies to apply in companies

Ensuring customer success is essential for companies that want not only to grow and be references in the segment in which they operate. It’s crucial on several points. But let’s stick to a logo at the start. It is a methodology that helps a lot in reducing costs. After all, the customer needs to be the focus and priority…

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Recover Customers

Recovering customers: the art companies need to master

Recovering customers is an art. And mastering it will make your company maintain a positive image. For this, it is necessary to apply some strategies. More than that, it is necessary to recognize the error and start an action plan focused on bringing this customer back. No one likes to disappoint a customer and almost definitely compromise the…

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Inactive customer: who are they and how to get them back? Check out 6 strategies

Inactive customer is that person who once trusted your company and consumed your product or service. However, currently, he is no longer with you and has even ignored your calls. Therefore, you need some strategies to reactivate it and make a new sale for it. When customers stop responding to marketing efforts, or the success team, many…

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