• August 1, 2021
Sales Culture

Sales Culture: 7 Strategies to Create in Companies and Increase Sales

A strong sales culture in companies is responsible for improving processes, at all stages, and increasing productivity. It’s important to establish a results culture to focus on the customer and drive sales month after month. For this, some strategies are essential. What company doesn’t want to have excellent customer service at all times? Or better and better…

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Sales Meeting: 7 Ideas to Make It More Productive

The sales meeting is an extremely important moment to oil company processes and pass on indicators. But often, this turns out to be a dull moment in your day. And that absolutely cannot be the reality of the company. So, answer honestly, okay? When the reminder pops up on your computer saying it’s time for the sales team…

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What is ERP, how it works, usefulness and the difference for CRM

ERP or CRM? CRM or ERP? It is not uncommon for this doubt to arise when the need to improve process management arises and a tool needs to be acquired. However, you need to understand what exactly your business needs. Improve customer relationship? Automate administrative processes? The best-case scenario is, of course, to make these two things assertive. You may already…

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welcome email

Sales welcome email: 5 ready-to-use templates

A sales welcome email is a special time. Without a doubt, it is one of the best messages to send. After all, the potential customer made his decision. He finally said “yes” to his offer. And now he is in fact a customer of the company. Excellent! But, a welcome email doesn’t just have to be when a customer buys your product…

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Sales funnel

Sales funnel phases: what are they and how to manage? See everything here!.

Sales funnel phases are the steps a lead must go through to become a true customer. A good understanding of each one of them, the activities and those responsible at each stage is essential to have an increasing sales conversion rate within companies. Managing the phases of a business’s sales funnel is a watershed for good…

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Y sales funnel: what is it and how to structure it in CRM?

Is the term Y funnel new to you? You’re certainly used to the classic pipeline and it should be part of your business routine – or at least it should. Whether new or not, the truth is that the market and customers are increasingly demanding agility and assertiveness from companies. The demand is constantly increasing and the search…

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Sales consultant: what does it do and what is its relationship with technology in sales?

The sales consultant’s job has changed a lot over the past few decades. The impact of technology has decisively affected the ways of working in companies all over the world and in all segments. And that changed the way the customer relates to the brand. With more information available to everyone, consumers have become much more demanding as they are…

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Sales Drive, what is it? See 7 strategies to increase sales

Sales Drive, by concept, means an extra effort for your sales team to reach and go beyond the goal. It is, therefore, a strategy to ensure maximum effort from everyone involved in the operation. You know very well that sometimes it’s hard to keep the team’s motivation high. And that, of course, ends up being reflected in…

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Recover Customers

Recovering customers: the art companies need to master

Recovering customers is an art. And mastering it will make your company maintain a positive image. For this, it is necessary to apply some strategies. More than that, it is necessary to recognize the error and start an action plan focused on bringing this customer back. No one likes to disappoint a customer and almost definitely compromise the…

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Inactive customer: who are they and how to get them back? Check out 6 strategies

Inactive customer is that person who once trusted your company and consumed your product or service. However, currently, he is no longer with you and has even ignored your calls. Therefore, you need some strategies to reactivate it and make a new sale for it. When customers stop responding to marketing efforts, or the success team, many…

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