• August 1, 2021

Professional engagement: how to stimulate your team on a daily basis?

Professional engagement can be understood as the behavior of a company’s professionals who show commitment and focus with the organization’s goals. By dedicating themselves, they will also meet their personal goals. But for that, some actions are necessary internally. Having engaged employees, “wearing the company’s shirt” and really focused on doing more and better… Ah, this is…

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Break even: how to find financial balance in your company?

CONTENT ON MANAGEMENT AND PRODUCTIVITY . Break even point is the English equivalent of “break even point”. This expression is used to designate the precise value of a company’s financial statement. The amount of revenue needs to be greater than fixed and variable costs. That is, how much you need to reach to cover all costs, not to…

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Decision making: how to do and care for managers at this time

The decision-making is a moment that requires the utmost care by managers in any industry or situation within a company. Misguided or even hasty choices can determine the success or failure of some sale or even the business as a whole. On the other hand, if the internal process is straightened out, if the steps for decision-making…

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Predictable Revenue: what is it, how to find it and how does it boost sales?

Selling more and better is possible through what Aaron Ross calls Predictable Revenue. This term, in English called Predictable Revenue, is present in the book of the same name, co-authored with Marylou Tyler, released in Brazil in 2017. In it, Aaron tells how it was possible to create a machine to make $100 million during the period in which the author managed Salesforce.…

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The 10 Commandments of the Modern Salesperson to Succeed

Following 10 commandments or sales tips helps salespeople who want to have a little more inspiration or assertiveness in their day-to-day work. After all, let’s face it. The ever more constant advancement of technology has made customers more and more demanding. And this means that, more than adopting 10 salesman commandments, the sales team is constantly updated. And also that…

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CRM Culture

CRM Culture: 3 Steps to Customer-Driven Teams and Processes

A strong CRM culture in companies is what ensures that people and processes will be customer-centric and focused. It is very important that your team understand the importance and benefits that technology brings so that you can prospect, nurture, qualify, retain and delight customers much more easily. Technology is important in any company’s sales process.…

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Customer success

Customer success: what it is and strategies to apply in companies

Ensuring customer success is essential for companies that want not only to grow and be references in the segment in which they operate. It’s crucial on several points. But let’s stick to a logo at the start. It is a methodology that helps a lot in reducing costs. After all, the customer needs to be the focus and priority…

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Lead Generation on Facebook Lead Ads integrated with CRM

The lead generation by Facebook Ads Lead  is not a new strategy. However, it is used with great success in B2C companies. Not all B2B companies are able to use this strategy effectively. In this article I bring an interesting topic: a type of ad that has been offered for some years (since 2015 actually) by Facebook but which…

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Sales Call

Sales Call to Qualify Leads: How Do You Know It Was Good?

A sales call is more than just talking about your solution to a potential customer. It is a decisive moment to qualify the lead. A watershed – for good and for bad. That’s why it’s important to know how to evaluate your connections and know what points you can improve. You hang up the phone… A 20 minute…

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Sales training

Sales training: what is it, types and how to assemble? See everything here!

Sales training is and will always be essential within any company. It is only through this that salespeople will have the skills needed to close more deals. But, it’s more than that. Training the sales team ensures the best practices for what really matters: creating value for customers. The sale, of course, will be a consequence of this.…

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