• September 22, 2021
positives and negatives of Instagram

What are the positives and negatives of Instagram

Instagram is a fantastic social media platform. This photo and video sharing app was established in 2010 and has grown to over a hundred million active users in just a few years. Instagram, like anything else in the world, has advantages and disadvantages, which are listed below: https://finance.yahoo.com/news/cost-build-house-131255509.html Pros: Privacy Settings: Instagram’s privacy settings are…

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Best practices to align marketing and sales in your company

I imagine you decided to read this article for two reasons: curiosity or you need to align marketing and sales in your company and you don’t know how. The truth is that aligning marketing and sales is a problem for many managers. The sales team thinks that the marketing team is only made up of…

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From prospecting to closing, tips and best practices on how to sell to the IT market

After prospecting many companies in the IT industry, I saw that there is a huge difficulty both in finding good leads and in approaching them. Today I’m going to show you how to sell to the IT market, based on experience gained in recent months. Let’s understand a little more about: The particularities of this…

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Ted Talks

Ted Talks: what it is and 6 TEDs to inspire you!

Ted Talks is an expression you’ve certainly heard. You’ve probably watched some of these events and even shared. Known or not, the truth is that this is an excellent format to be able to impact people and transmit important knowledge. Inspire, instruct, generate value. These are some of the pillars that guide this format that quickly became popular.…

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Online Business

Online Business: 15 Ideas for Online Business in 2021

Self-employment and doing business online have become relevant since the emergence of the Internet. Online business is an island of stability in today’s modern world full of lockdowns and quarantines. Cafes can be forced to close, shows can be cancelled, however anyone who manages to run an online business will not be affected by any quarantine…

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Account Manager

Key Account Manager: who is it? What does it do and why is it important?

The key account manager is a fundamental part within the company to deal with large accounts, ensure an assertive relationship with the customer and seek not only to retain them but also to carry out upsell strategies. After all, you know better than anyone that it is easier to sell to someone who is already…

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Sales Engagement

Sales Engagement: see what it is and 4 techniques to apply!

Sales Engagement is a sale resulting from the engagement of both parties involved in the process. Seller and prospect. The concept is to portray all interactions between the two parties, taking into account frequency, quantity and quality of contact. Understanding your concept and technique is important to converting more leads into customers. Sales processes, over the years, have…

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Business Process Management

BPM: definition, applications and benefits for companies

BPM is the acronym for Business Process Management which, in a Portuguese translation, means Business Process Management. This is a discipline that serves to improve companies’ businesses and their organizational capacity (no matter what their segment or size) and which has technology as its main ally. Managing businesses, even if they’re not big, is a complex…

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Commercial manager: the profile and functions of a complete manager

The profile of the commercial manager has changed a lot in recent years. And technology has a decisive impact on the work of these professionals within companies. After all, we cannot deny a fact. The technological world has revolutionized the way we relate to work, right? Think about the routine of our parents, our grandparents. Now compare with ours… it…

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Cost management

Cost management: see what it is and how to do it in your business

Cost management is the intelligent management of any company’s expenses. Without a job well done, it is not possible to optimize costs, nor identify opportunities that increase profit, reduce unnecessary expenses. Its task, therefore, is to make each decision more strategic within organizations. For those who manage a company it is nothing new to face challenges and…

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